In 2017, we set out to create an entire beer-drinking event paying homage to special, cutting-edge and limited beer. We've been to a lot of beer festivals (as attendees and representatives) and when the planning of our saga began in 2016, we knew immediately a few aspects that we wanted a certain way. Rather than accumulate a beer list and draw a line through it, charging more for the upper tier, we wanted to make a beer fest that consisted only of the upper tier! If you remember our beer list from last year, you know what we mean. If you don't, trust was 'woah'-worthy. And we're not a syndicated, traveling entertainment company; we're The Brew Crew - cornerstone beer stores proudly providing Albany's home refrigerators with craft beer since day one. Our point: we're rooted here and we love Albany deeply! This is why all sponsors and food vendors of Albany Craft Beer Week (and Festival) are brick and mortar craft beer stalwarts located in the city of Albany! We poured our hearts into year one and you gave us a stellar turnout - thank you! We can't wait to share this wonderful experience with you again...and again!


The second-annual albany craft beer festival will return to the washington avenue armory on april 7, 2018 - two sessions this time. It's how albany craft beer week 2017 finished up in style. this year will be even better!



same as 2017, keep your eyes on this list as it grows and grows all the way up to the last minute.

No confirmed beers yet. Bookmark this page and check back as you sip your coffee each morning or your tasty beer each night, because it's almost game time!

As you know, many of the breweries we feature are famous for their hoppy beers. Due to the importance of the freshness associated with IPAs, DIPAs and Pale Ales, confirmation of specific offerings won't happen until very close to party time. If you attended last year, you know we brought the noise!

* Indicates very special beers which are present in extremely limited quantities. Pour size is reduced from 3oz to 1.5oz. Thank you for understanding. In 2017, Albany Craft Beer Festival's Inaugural Year, we made a game-time decision to only apply this restriction to Cantillon. It will likely be the same this year if we score some!


Food vendors tba

Music feel-good rock 'n' roll styled by Graham Tichy and the new lowdown

Festival Tickets

$65 | Access to an unlimited tasting of 100+ rare and special release beers with a limited edition ACBW 2018 5oz. tasting glass.